Living in the now they say
But you can’t really do it any other way
Even if now all you do is dream of yesterday
You’re still living in the now

– Willie Nelson

I’m sure you’re all waiting for Level 3 to implemented (as are we), however, things will not be as they were; this is assuming they don’t move the goalposts on us again & extend the booze ban.

The proposed trading hours (not finalised) will be Monday to Wednesday 08h00-12h00 and with the possibility of Level 4 or even Level 5 being re-enforced, you’ll be wanting to stock up.

Due to the size of our shop we’ll only permit 2 customers in at a time and NO MASK, NO ENTRY so we’re asking you to email your orders for processing and prepayment. This will help Shirley to maintain stock levels of the high-demand wines, ensure that all orders are packed timeously and make it possible for us to support our staff.

A product list will be emailed to you or you can provide a budget, give us an idea of what you like and Shirley will put a selection together for you. Only orders that have been paid for will packed.

Delivery will be done once the booze ban is lifted, but if you’re in the area, we’d love to say “Hi”, so you’re welcome to collect. To avoid breakages, only case orders will be delivered (6/12/18 bottles). Any beer orders will only be delivered locally.
We deliver to all major centres.
We can’t process credit cards remotely, but Snapscan and EFT payments are welcome.

To those of you who have already supported us by buying vouchers and placing your orders, a big THANK YOU from Luke, Lauren, Shirley, Elaine, Mark and the newbie, Lee-Ann.
Be well and stay safe.